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DJ Dave Paul is a professional dj and promoter with 29 years of experience. He specializes in music from the 70-90’s era as well as current music. Rock, dance and alternative to hip-hop, house and pop music. He will work with your team to compliment your staff and deliver the best music for your guests.

He has produced various Bay Area concerts and club nights from the early 90’s to the present including legendary sold out parties at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. He has dj’ed throughout the US and Europe, released over 100 projects on his record label and currently produces successful theme events, including  The Prince and Michael Experience party that has happened in 33 cities over the past decade. Recent corporate clients have included Yelp and Nike.Dave Paul began his music career in 1984, starting as a mobile dj and evolving into a prominent college radio dj, club dj, and remixer in San Francisco. One of his 45 minute reel-to-reel megamixes was featured on commercial radio station KMEL.

In 1991 he launched the now legendary publication The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine and in 1995 Paul transformed the magazine into a record label. The company was named “one of the fifteen independent labels that matter” according to Rolling Stone and the labels Return of the DJ series was ranked by Spin Magazine as #25 in their “The 90 Greatest Albums of the 90’s” (Sept. 1999 issue), receiving a higher rating than Gold & Platinum albums by Lauryn Hill, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Green Day and Fatboy Slim. Dave Paul has appeared on the front cover of Billboard magazine and was featured in the motion picture Scratch.


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